AUDSPACE - Auditory scale points specified by bandwidth

  • y = audspacebw(scale,flow,fhigh,bw,hitme);
  • y = audspacebw(scale,flow,fhigh,bw);
  • y = audspacebw(scale,flow,fhigh);
  • [y,n] = audspacebw(...);


AUDSPACEBW(scale,flow,fhigh,bw,hitme) computes a vector containing values equistantly scaled between flow and fhigh on the selected auditory scale. The distance between two consecutive values are given by a value of bw the scale. One of the points is quaranteed to be the frequency hitme. All frequencies are specified in Hz.

See the help on FREQTOAUD to get a list of the supported values of the scale parameter.

AUDSPACEBW(scale,flow,fhigh,bw) will do the same but center the points between flow and fhigh without including a specific frequency (this can also be specified by setting a negative value for hitme).

AUDSPACEBW(scale,flow,fhigh) will do the same assuming a spacing of 1 on the selected scale.

[y,n]=AUDSPACEBW( ... ) additionally returns the number of points n in the output vector y.