ADAPTLOOP - Adaptation loops.

  • s = adaptloop(nsigs,fs,limit,minlvl,tau);
  • s = adaptloop(nsigs,fs,limit,minlvl);
  • s = adaptloop(nsigs,fs,limit);
  • s = adaptloop(nsigs,fs);


ADAPTLOOP(nsigs,fs,limit,minlvl,tau) applies non-linear adaptation to an input signal insig sampled at a sampling frequency of fs Hz. limit is used to limit the overshoot of the output, minlvl determines the lowest audible threshhold of the signal and tau are time constants involved in the adaptation loops. The number of adaptation loops is determined by the length of tau.

ADAPTLOOP(nsigs,fs,limit,minlvl) does as above, but uses the values for tau determined in Dau. 1996.

ADAPTLOOP(nsigs,fs,limit) does as above with a minimum threshhold minlvl equal to 1e-5.

ADAPTLOOP(nsigs,fs) does as above with an overshoot limit of limit=10.


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D. Püschel. Prinzipien der zeitlichen Analyse beim Hören. PhD thesis, Universität Göttingen, 1988.